Objectives and Functions

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Contribute to ensure the independence of the Nation, to maintain territorial integrity, to defense of the state and their institutions and consolidate the democratic security, with the solidarity of the citizenship, defeating narco-terrorist organizations that had committed crimes in the jurisdiction of the Navy.

The Navy established four strategic objectives, that will permit materialized the expected results in the short and medium term in their areas of responsibility. All missions, programs, projects, processes, activities, means and funding of the institution are directed to contribute in achieving these objectives. 

1. Protection of population and resources and consolidation of the territorial control. 
2. Neutralized the finances of the illegal drug trafficking. 
3. Strategic Deterrence. 
4. Maritime and fluvial Safety. 


The Navy has the constitutional duty to contribute to the defense of the Nation through the application of Naval Power. The effective use of that power must lead to strengthening and ensuring the territorial security of citizens and the State within the jurisdiction of the Navy. 

In addition to functions of security and defense the Navy is called to participate in missions aimed to ensure the integral use of the sea by the Nation. For this purpose must fulfill both military and diplomatic activities and implementation of law and order.

The functions of the Navy vary depending on the needs of the country and socio-economic conditions both nationally and internationally. Because of this multiplicity of functions is difficult to predict which will have priority in a determined period, the programs of the Navy are oriented to obtain capabilities that provide flexibility and that permit quick adaptation to the changes of the potential threats and to carry out the specific functions.